Jessica's Daycare
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Hours Providing Care
Monday thru Friday 7am-5:00pm
Drop off time can be earlier but we MUST have prior arrangements. Pick up time is 5:00 or earlier. The max your child can be in my care a day is 10 hours and that doesn't mean they have to be here that whole time. If you are running late there will be a charge $1.00 a minute your late. Please be courteous and notify me when running late. It's crucial for your child to be picked up on time while in my care.


$225/wk infants (newborn to 1yr)
$185/wk (1 yr to 2 yrs)
$160/wk (over 2 yrs)
Daycare fees are due Monday Mornings and there will be a $5/day late fee when fees are not paid on time. If you have not paid by Wednesday morning and no prior arrangements have been made to me your child will not be allowed to stay in my home for childcare. There is a $25 returned check charge if your check doesn't clear. There is a deposit due at the time of enrollment that is equal to the weekly rate. That deposit goes towards your child's last week in my care. 

I'm required by the state of Missouri to have complete accurate records for each child in my home at all times. At the time of enrollment you will be provided with the required forms to bring with you the first day your child attends daycare. After your child is in my care please notify me and keep all of your child's records current with me; immunizations, change of address, etc. This is very important and is the parents responsibility.

Required Forms First Day of Daycare:

Signed Contract with First Week Daycare Dues
Current Copy of Immunizations
State Enrollment Form (located under Newsletters/Forms link above)

Required Form within 30 days of enrollment:

State Exam Doctor Form (located under Newsletters/Forms link above)

Provided by Provider

All meals are provided along with milk and 100% juice. Our daycare serves all snacks/meals according to the state child food program, CACFP, providing your child with well-balanced nutrition. Meals will include fruits,veggies, breads, milk, protein, and meats. We serve breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack to all children daily. I believe it's important to teach children good nutrition habits early along with daily exercise for your child to have a jump start to a healthy lifestyle!

Provided by Parent
Parents provide as necessary; infant formula/baby food/snacks, diapers, wipes, sippy cup to leave here, full set of clothes, and diaper creams. Please label everything clearly with your child's name.

Potty Training

I work along with parents and their child to help in potty training. It's important to have open communication and consistency between home and daycare. This will ensure the process to be less stressful for all parties. Children are usually ready to start process between ages of 2-3 yrs old but this can vary according to each individual child. Please dress your child in clothes that are easy to get on/off quickly. It makes it hard when potty time comes to unsnap one piece clothing items when your child is in a hurry. 

I don't believe that discipline is punishing a child, I believe it is a means of teaching them. I use positive disciplinary actions such as:
     • Understanding the child and what to expect.
     • Try to prevent the behavior you do not want.
Show the children the right behavior by doing it yourself.
     • Look for the cause of the misbehavior and try to solve the problem.
Every attempt will be made before resorting to time outs. There is absolutely no physical or emotional punishments in my home.

You will be informed if the problem persists. If your child is causing harm to other children he/she may be terminated from my care if it's a recurring situation.

Emergency Plan
A fire/escape plan is posted by front door and in basement . We have a detailed emergency plan to ensure we are prepared for unexpected emergencies. We have monthly fire/tornado/disaster drills for all children to help teach them what to do in case of emergency.

CPR Certified/First Aid Certified
My husband and I are both current on CPR certification and trained in basic first aid through the American Heart Association. There is always at least one person in the home at any given time who has these certifications to ensure the safety of your child in case of an emergency.

We do have 2 dogs and one cat that are important to our family and are always indoors with the children.Both dogs and cat are current on all vaccinations and very friendly. We have never had a problem with their interaction with the kids.

We are located off 152 highway and Indiana near Northview Elementary school. We are easily accessible from 152 highway and Brighton or Indiana exit.

Outdoor Play
We go outdoors everyday (weather permitting) so please dress your child appropriately paying attention to weather for the day. If we are unable to play outdoors we will have indoor activities relating to exercise such as dancing to music!

House Rules

My home is clean and smoke free, please be respectful of my property inside and out. If trash falls out of your car please don't leave it, pick it up and throw it away. When inside our home please leave all shoes by door and not allow your child to run through home with them on. We value our clean home and keep it this way for our business and our family. With families in and out of our home daily it's a lot of traffic and I just ask for courtesy from everyone. There is also no smoking in my home at any time. Please don't smoke on my property and extinguish your cigarettes in my yard or driveway.
Also, please pull along curb when dropping/picking up and not in driveway for the safety of all children in my care as well as my own. Thank you!
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